Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey guys, sorry its been so long since my last post, I have been super busy with shoots (just got back from hawaii from shooting for a new project and shooting with Clare Fonda on Thurs!) Anyways I am going to post a longer update with pictures soon, but wanted to mention something real quick that ui would LOVE it if you guys could help me out with!

For those of you who have facebook, Please add Golden ImagesStudio and vote for Kat in the modeling contest! Go into their pictures and "like" the picture of Kat. The girl with the most likes by the 21st wins! Repost for me if you can! I would love for a spanko to win the contest! hehe! 

Will update again soon!

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Kat St James

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog #3: WWE Raw!!

Hi all!

Soo me and Kyle just went on Monday to the WWE Raw double tapings at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, ca! He bought us floor seats only 4 rows back from the ring, so we were on camera the whole time! He had gone to the Summerslam PPV and sat near the ring in the off-camera side the night before, but I only wanted to go to Raw as I was tired from the crazy last week of Post-Crimson Moon still! Anyways me and Kyle went in matching referree outfits and could be seen alot whenever the camera was facing the audience while the guys were wrestling, and me and Kyle stood up and counted with the ref, hehe!

So much fun! The guy from "True Blood" was sitting right by us too!

"The guy from True Blood is in the back center of this pic signing autographs"

It was an amazing time! Here are a few random pictures of us at the show:

This Saturday, me and Kyle are heading to a private party at the playboy mansion in LA! Playmates, drinks and nudity galore hehe! Who knows, maybe I will make out with a Playmate! Hehe! I will update you guys and (possibly) provide pics if I can! Stay tuned!

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Blog #2: Crimson Moon and the week after: IT'S PARTY TIME!

So me and Kyle finally made it to our first spanking party after wanting to go for years! We flew out to Chicago with all of the DA crew: Me, Kyle, Paul "Tubaman" Rogers, Lily Starr and Johnny Ravage. When we got there we met up with some of the higher ups who run Crimson Moon, as well as with one of my best friends, Sarah gregory!!
"Me and Sarah Gregory"

The party was TONS of fun, I met alot of great people, played alot of fun spanking games, and sold alot of our Disciplinary Arts stuff (along with some great Paddlemaster products) at the Vendors fair on Saturday! I made some new friends and contacts I am sure i will have for along time, and along with having a long waiting list for guys who wanted to spank me, I surprisingly had alot of the switch and sub guys dropping their pants to be spanked by me! I guess Kyle taught me well, cause according to a few of them, I was one of the harder spankers they had played with at the party! Go me, hehe! There are lots of random party pics on Sarah's personal blog (

After the 3 day party, and after-partying in Chicago at Navy Pier, we took a limo back to our hotel for a few hours rest before we flew home to california, and this time, Sarah came back with us, so we had even more luggage to transport in the car! We rented a suburban from LAX and headed back to our place with all seven people and all of our bags of outfits and luggage stored with us! Unfortunatly, everyone got sick at this point, so we were not able to shoot as much as we would have liked to, but Me, sarah, Kyle, Paul and Kisa still decided to suck it up and go to Disneyland since Sarah is only out to visit once in awhile! It was a BLAST! We rode alot of rides and had alot of fun!

After Disneyland, we all tried to get better and did so just before me, Sarah and Kisa shot EE5 with Clare Fonda together! It was a blast, and unfortunately, right afterwards everyone had to head back home to all the different states in the US, but it was definitely a week I will never forget!

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Blog #1: Comic-Con Madness!

On Saturday, July 24th, Me, Kyle, Kisa and Johnny Ravage all packed up, dressed up, and headed out to San Diego for one of the world's craziest conventions, Comic Con 2010! Aside from the event selling out at over 100,000 people, the costumes were some of the craziest things we had ever seen! There were school girls, geisha's, robots, superheros, and Anime Cats (kinda like me hehe... Meow!) not to mention all of the movie stars, celebrity's, Artists and famous pro wrestlers that were meeting their fans and signing autographs! It was pure chaos!

"Bowser dosn't have a thing on Katwoman!"

After mingling with the celebs for a bit, we decided to go into the exhibit hall to check out all the booths and freebies that were going on! Kyle took a couple minutes to get up inside of a giant robot to pose for all the comic fans as the Joker:

"Kyle looking horrifying as the Joker... inside a giant robot!!"

I really wanted to spank some of the schoolgirls there, or get them to spank me, but didn't end up having the courage to go up and ask if I could give one of them a swat :-( Oh well, maybe next year! Anyways, we went to a few of the panels and I had a bunch of photographers come up to me for spontaneous photo shoots in the middle of the convention hall! They were shocked at the fact that I could actually model correctly, until I told them its what I do for a living and they understood why I was good at it! Hehe! By the end of the day, we had bags full of free comic books, movies, video game demos and lots of great memory's, but were completely exhausted! It was a great time and even if you are not a comic book fan, I would suggest going to any comic book conventions in your area when they come around, as they are a blast and hey, a thousand school girls in short skirts never hurts to look at, right? Hehe!

Here are some other random pics we took throughout the day at the convention:

"Looks like Supergirl might give Katwoman a sound spanking!!"
"Joker and Katwoman pose with Gumby"

"Kyle with one of his wrestling heroes and best-selling author, Mick Foley"
"Me posing with a fan"
"Kyle posing with a hot girl in leather with a gun, of course. :-)"

My Very First Blog EVER!

Hey everybody!

How exciting, huh? I finally have a blog, yay! Tell your friends hehe!

Anyways I am going to try to update as much as I can, so you guys have alot of cool news and updates from me, as well as a lot of exclusive pictures from my recent shoots, trips and spankings! To get things kicked off, I am going to post three updates right after this one:

One will be on my trip to comic con recently along with pictures from the convention of me in my Catwoman costume with Kyle as the Joker! The second will be from Crimson Moon, my very first spanking party, along with some pictures from there, and finally, I will post some pictures of me and Kyle invading WWE's Monday Night Raw this past week, along with some news of the events I have coming up!

Make sure to subscribe to my blog cause you never know what kind of mischief I am gonna stir up or what kind of hot pics of me and my friends I am gonna put on here exclusively for you guys! Thanks again for stopping by!

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"Me and Kyle saying welcome to my blog! Cheers!"